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Our Happy Couples

We absolutely loved working with Stacy. She was great at communicating with us regularly leading up to our big day, and was open to meeting with us when we wanted. My spouse and I are both on the type A side, but Stacy never made us feel like we were micro managing too much. She let us tell her our vision and then worked to ensure that vision is exactly what we had for our wedding. You will not find anyone more prepared (when my dress ripped post photos because it got ran over by the photographer's car, Stacy was there to meet with safety pins so that my friend could still put it in the bustle), kind, or wanting to help you have your perfect day than Stacy. If anyone is concerned because of her youthful appearance, fear not, she gets the job done! And not just done, but done the way you want it. Thanks for everything Stacy! - Kelly S.

A Dream Come True

I cannot even express thoroughly in words how great Stacy was to work with at my wedding. As a bride overwhelmed with so many thoughts about my perfect wedding day, she helped to keep me on track and to remember to ENJOY the moment. Her attention to detail is immaculate. She integrates her personality into her work but ensures that most importantly the client's vision is coming to life. I would 100% recommend her, over and over again! - Jenessa M.

Unforgettable Experience

Stacy is one of the best wedding planners I know. She does such an excellent job with every last detail. You can count on her to take the reigns and get the job done, leaving you feeling carefree and ready to enjoy your night! I especially love her flower arranging skills, so beautiful! Also, she really is ahead of the game; her years and years of experience helps her think of every detail that you may have missed yourself. I highly recommend her! You will not regret it. Thank you again Stacy for helping make my wedding night absolutely beautiful! - Alexandra L.

Magical Wedding

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Stacy during the process of planning our wedding. She was incredibly reliable, dependable, assertive, and professional throughout. She also has a great sense of humor that put me at ease during preparations and on the day of the wedding. My husband and I had a very simple vision for the wedding that Stacy quickly grasped and stayed true to it while adding aspects of elegance that we never would have thought of. She not only has an extensive knowledge of vendors but works well with them. There were lots of unexpected hiccups on the day of the wedding--family conflicts, complications with the flower order, fire ants invading the reception area, and a severe storm and tornado warning. These challenges created much stress among us and our families and required plans to be completely changed. During it all, Stacy was not only able to work under pressure and improvise with positivity, but also worked extremely well with our families. Stacy was amazing with the details of planning our wedding but also showed great intuition and sensitivity when it comes to the emotions involved in planning a wedding or any major event. Due to the tornado warning, many of our guests could not leave the venue and were forced to stay overnight. Stacy went above and beyond to ensure that our guests were comfortable and their needs were met long after the reception was over. She is definitely a people person,and I felt comfortable with her and trusted her from the beginning. If you are planning a wedding or other important event, I highly recommend Stacy! - Brittini R.

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