MEET Stacy

​With ten years of experience in the event planning industry, Stacy has made a positive impact on her clients’ special day in areas ranging from full event planning to catering, event design and decoration, day-of coordination, and more. Having been a bridesmaid fifteen times, Stacy also brings many personal experiences to the table, giving her unique insights into what’s important to the bride, groom, and their families on such a special day.  Stacy’s passion and interest in event planning started young.  A standard Tuesday night family dinner would quickly turn into an impromptu celebration with the addition of table cloths, mom and dad’s wedding goblets, and sometimes place cards. Stacy’s capstone research project as an Anthropology student at the University of San Diego, focused on wedding practices and traditions around the world, a project driven by her combined love of history and belief in the profound cultural significance of weddings.  The people, the details, and the atmosphere of the wedding day is what continues to attract Stacy to this field.  Stacy’s passion for helping others, her eye for details, and her desire to create beautiful events make Stacy the perfect person to help turn your dreams into an effortless reality.


Because no two events are the same, there is no set price for event services. After the initial consultation, Stacy will prepare a quote for your specific event. She welcomes phone calls and emails to discuss price estimations.